Busy Bee Room (12 months-22 months)

Our busy bees are buzzing with excitement. The world is wonderful and exciting for them, and offers countless opportunities to learn and grow. Each day brings a new discovery as they become more mobile and confident in their abilities.

Daycare 17
Daycare 10

Ladybug Room(22 Months - 3 Years)

Ladybug Room

Our little ladybugs are engaged in the world around them and are learning how things work. Daily outside time provides opportunities to discover and explore nature and to improve gross motor skills. Beginning fine motor skills, social skills, and basic concepts are all learned during free play.

Caterpillar Room(3 - 4 years)

Our caterpillar friends are growing and learning each day. Songs, stories and art help expand fine motor skills and social interactions. This preschool classroom engages children in open ended activities where numbers and letters are learned through free play.

Daycare 19
Daycare 20

Butterfly room(4 - 6 years)

Our pre-kinder butterfly friends have emerged from their cocoons are ready to fly. Skills required for kindergarten, such as problem solving, fine motor skills and math are learned through free play. Children also have opportunities to practice printing their names and engage in hands-on science activities