Daycare 07

Our Philosophy

Our diverse and inclusive program values all children, and creates a sense of community where all cultures are respected and embraced.
Helping Hands envisions an environment where all children are accepted and embraced for their unique characteristics. We strive to provide top quality care and educational opportunities for each child, so they are able to grow and develop at their own rate. Children are a special gift, and we aim to make all of our children feel safe, loved, and valued as they start their journey of learning.

Meet the Owners

Hardeep and Amanda first met while working at the same daycare in 2003. They quickly developed a strong bond and friendship due to their similar values and love of children. After working together for a few years, they decided that what they truly wanted to do was to open their own preschool. After a year of planning and preparation, Helping Hands Preschool opened in 2007.
Operating the preschool was a wonderful and joyous experience, and they ran it successfully for 7 years. During their 6th year of operation as Helping Hands Preschool, they were asked by many of their students’ parents if there was an option of offering full time childcare. It was these parents that inspired the beginning of Helping Hands Early Learning Daycare in October of 2014.
Amanda and Hardeep have always strived to provide a high quality and inclusive environment for all children, and obtaining Accredited status was their goal from the beginning. After a lot of hard work, Helping Hands Early Learning Daycare became fully Accredited in March 2015.