Helping Hands Daycare

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6 thoughts on “Helping Hands Daycare”

  1. “My little girls are so excited to go to school at Helping Hands. It seems they’ve found their home away from home with Hardeep and Amanda.”

  2. “This is the ‘Best’ preschool I have seen. Hardeep and Amanda are so creative and have so many things for the children. My child is learning lots and has so much fun there. He wishes he could go every day!”

  3. “I can’t say enough good things about Helping Hands Preschool. Amanda and Hardeep are amazing teachers. My son loves attending and learns so much.”

  4. “The teachers at Helping Hands Preschool are very friendly and organized. My child loves to go to school to play and learn. Since he started at preschool he has made progress with his speech, and has also shown an interest in writing. I am very pleased how well he is doing in school.”

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